Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PUSH - Ze Frank

Ze Frank

Justifying his existence in 30 minutes. Impossible to describe but fantastic. Check out his web site for a sample.

Get other people to do all the work and take credit for it. Some people call this web 2.0.

You’ve got to see the “Doodle Analysis” tool.

Crapucopia - “There is so much more crap to consume” or is it that “there is so much more crap being made.”

The audience is learning your language, and they want to start a conversation. Choices.
• Ignore them. If you do this they will talk behind your back or go around you.
• Resist. Top down Control. Conversations resist this. Broadcast model worked for this but the participation model this breaks down.

Conversations are flexible. The context is malleable. You have to allow people to express themselves otherwise you’ll end up ignoring them or resisting them.

Friendster did it wrong. MySpace did it right.

People will show you what is interesting. YouTube.

Haikus for a newly neutered dog.

The Long Tail. Wired Magazine article by Chris Anderson. What about the production side of this equation? What is the value in the tail in the production side? We’re just starting to tap this resource. Businesses are just starting to figure out how to leverage this side of things. Create architectures that encourage participation and conversation.

Technology is moving faster than people’s emotional and intellectual capacity is able to keep up. Ze calls this web 0.2. Most people don’t even know why they’re there. But people are starting to feel a home online. This is starting to tap into deep emotions. This is shifting from a technology revolution to a social revolution.

The creative process is changing rapidly. People are putting more beta’s out and not trying to get it perfect. Tools for production are changing. Platforms for production are changing just as fast.

We laugh at the old people that got it wrong. We laugh because they should have known better. We aren’t in any better position to understand how our technology is really going to be used and what it’s going to lead to. We’ll be laughing at ourselves.

New designers are explorers.
How do you learn courage and resourcefulness?
Don’t respect the tools,
Don’t break old rules, find new one s to follow.
Don’t read the manual. It takes too long. By the time you read it the manual might be gone. Just dive in and use it like it’s throwaway garbage.
Become a perpetual hobbyist. Understand many different frames of reference.
You are the value proposition. A social revolution, not a technological one.

You can actually make money doing this.

Rules of punctuation
is a great follow up from my recent post about emoticons.

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