Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Domain Names

I'm trying to figure out what domain name to use for a web site/blog that will be dedicated to exploring the relationship between clean/renewable energy and software/IT. This is the niche I'm interested in and based on my research no one is already doing this.

So far I've come up with the following ideas. These listed below are ones that are available.


You can see the trend in my thinking. I generally don't like the "IT" in the domain as it seems like the word 'it'. At this point the first one is my favorite as it's actually readable and I believe it's memorable. I'm looking for radical ideas. Anything way out there to get the brainstorming going. What domain would make you think of this? Please leave any ideas in a comment so that everyone can see.


Update - I really like Don's suggestion of Problem is that this one is not available. is available and I think is a pretty good alternative. is also available.


Dan Beranek said...

As technical as your site/blog might get, it might be a good idea to use levity in your domain name. Try to using a clever turn on something that has to do with the industry. For example: Are there fancy electrically conductive brushes found in windmills? What're they called and how can you make a name from them? Is there some positive legislation that has a clever name you could co-opt, spin and use?

The bottom line is of course good content, and if that's there people will come. After that first visit though, cleverness (in moderation, of course) will positively affect your memorability.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bart,

How about ?

Don S.

Dave said...


a couple more domain ideas to throw on the wall:

Although, with some of these the "soft" somehow seems to describe energy.

scottgjerdingen said...

Hey Bart,

Here is one that is a bit out there, but could possibly fit.

Good Luck!

- scott -

scottgjerdingen said...

- scott -