Monday, June 12, 2006

PUSH - David Allen

June 12, 20069-9:30 AM
David Allen - 9 AM
How do you silence the noise? Why does it work to make lists?
Most people wait until crisis before moving into high performance behavior.
He will present a system for this. Tools so that you never keep anything in your mind anymore. It’s all about productivity. The opposite is worry and not making any progress.

Only two problems in life.
1. You know what you want but don’t know how to get it.
2. You don’t know what you want.
Two solutions.
1. Make it up.
2. Make it happen

Mind Mapping is the technique for this.

Committees in our head. This is what makes us stressed. CEOs on the committee come up with ideas. Don’t worry about implementation. He has one folder for these ideas. The COO is the one that has to figure out how to make this happen. Don’t force the CEO part of you to be operational and don’t expect the COO to be visionary. Be the CEO at this conference!

Need to create clear space! The only way to move forward is from clear space. What is in the way of clear space? What is not supplies, reference material, decoration, or equipment? These things represent incomplete ideas or actions. These things take psychological attention and disrupt clear space.

If you don’t give appropriate attention to what has your attention it will take more of your attention than it deserves!

Getting things done – GTD.

Lists - Review each list each week and move items back and forth.
1. Projects.
2. Some day - Maybe.

Look into the free Mind Manager software that I got with the PUSH registration.

Different things show up with you do mind mapping with other people.

What do we have our attention on?

Don’t have any thoughts twice!
When you get clear space you then have room for new ideas.

Responsible- ability to respond.

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