Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rolling Back Women's Rights

Here is an excerpt from an editorial article in the New York Times. "Dispensing with legislative niceties like holding hearings or full and open debate, President Bush and the Republican Congress have used the cover of a must-pass spending bill to mount a disgraceful sneak attack on women's health and freedom." See the whole article here.

I think this is an issue that hasn't gotten a lot of media coverage over the last week. I just wanted to make note of it as and FYI. It looks like Senator Boxer is already working on a follow up vote for early in the next session. She is going to need our support!

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Amanda said...

This is quite a slap in the face for women's rights. If the current administration feels that making abortion illegal will put an end to abortions, they are painfully mistaken. It is not an issue about the rights of the unborn fetus, that is the religious right talking, it is about a woman's right to choose and to choose safely. Historically, illegal or legal, women will have abortions, this is fact! It is a sad statement when our adminstration preaches about the safety of the American people as they slowly but surely disassemble the rights that provide that safety.