Monday, September 01, 2008

Gratitude-A-Day September 1, 2008

First day of September always feels like the first day of fall to me. To mark this passing of time I've decided to restart the Gratitude-A-Day posts that I was doing over a year ago. So...

Today, I'm grateful for libraries. I'm trying to save money these days as we are in the process of moving to Seattle and the library has turned out to be a great way to save a few $. When I hear of a book that is of interest to me I just go to my library's web site and request the item. Sometimes it's available right away, other times it takes months. I kind of like it when it takes time because it feels like a gift when I get the email saying "the book you reserved is ready to be picked up...". And then I get to review the book in greater detail before deciding if it's a Buy, Skim and Return, Return right away. This way I only end up owning the books I really want and get to see a lot more content without spending the $.

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