Saturday, January 29, 2005

Physicists Getting Excited

I have to say I'm one of them. I'm not really well educated in the world of physics and math but I love studying, learning about and contemplating things such as cosmology (no, not cosmetology) and the origins of the universe. For anyone else that is interested in this be sure to take a look at the PBS Nova series called The Elegant Universe. This 3 part show provides an introduction to Einstein's relativity, quantum mechanics, the problems that are presented by these two theories and String theory's attempt to unify the two.

Watching this show raises more questions for me than it answers - but that's why it's fun. The questions are big ones such as: What is the universe? What is God? If there is something beyond our universe what does the universe exist within? What is bigger than the universe? These questions are ones that really make my brain start to hurt after a little while. I can only take it for so long but I enjoy it.

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