Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Altar Boyz

A couple of weeks ago I alluded to receiving an offer for free tickets to a show. The show was last night and it was Altar Boyz. It's a spoof on boy bands (think NSYNC, or the Backstreet Boys) as well as the trend in evangelical churches toward the inclusion of pop music and youth culture in their salvation campaigns.

I'm not a theater reviewer, a huge fan of boy bands or a deep well of knowledge about saving souls but here are a couple of thoughts:
  • The singing was great. I guess I was a bit surprised by the quality of the performances. At times they really drew me in and I could feel the power of their performance.
  • Of the five guys on stage Mark stole the show. His "attention to detail" came through in everything he did and provided never ending entertainment. Abraham's character kept growing throughout the performance and came in a close second to Mark who started off strong and finished just as strong.
  • The dancing and choreography was excellent. As an amateur dancer I was fascinated by some of their hip-hop moves.
  • Best song of the show - "Something About You" If you see the show you'll understand what I'm talking about!
  • The show left a lot of room for interpretation. Was this a spoof or was it a subtle way to save more souls? I'd be really interested to know how other people respond to it. Did it offend you? Make you laugh? Make you think about going to check out a mega church some day soon?
  • There were some really funny moments. This is a show to talk about after you leave the theater and laugh at some of the jokes again a second or third time. If you decide to go make sure to go with great company, I know that put a shine on the experience for me.

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Bobbie said...

I was glad to see your comments on Altar Boyz as I've seen the show twice and just love it. I'm not a fan of boy bands, but I was so impressed by the singing and dancing - they've got great guys in this show! And I'm pretty religious, but was not offended for even a minute. It's just all good fun, good entertainment - I wish we could all laugh about our differences more often! - Bobbie