Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Author Noticed!

I wanted to share that Dan Pink, introduced in this post from a couple of days ago, found out about my new project and mentioned it on his blog. See the post from October 30 if it's no longer near the top.

This really surprised me and I'm still a little bit stunned. My surprise is due to having never had any interaction with the author of a book I've read other than the book itself. This little mention by him really helps the book and the author to come alive in a distinct way.

I think it's great that Dan is staying engaged in the community that is interested in this topic and it's fun to get noticed!

Thanks Dan!

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Wendy said...

This is outstanding.

Earlier this year, I started my family in a similar but interactive ritual. At dinner, regardless of where we are, we go around the table and say what we are thankful for that day. The first person to start off the conversation is required to share one thing, the second person shares two things, etc. That way, there is always motivation to remember and be mindful (i.e., to go first and start the ritual)…and I can’t remember the last time a person shared only one item even if he/she went first in the sequence. Often, it spurs further conversation and gratitude.

I really don’t think much about this activity as it has become a natural moment of reflection for each of us…until I see the effect that it has on those who are joining us for dinner or who overhear us. It is in these moments that I find we are blessed by reflecting and sharing our hearts with no consideration of the outcome. I see shock, tears and sometimes initial discomfort in those who observe us. Then, they smile and offer their own thanks – even though we make it quite clear that our guests need not feel obligated to follow us.