Saturday, September 09, 2006

Salsa - how social dance has chaged me

A couple of months ago I was asked to contribute a little blurb for an article being written about the Social Dance Studio and how social dancing has impacted the lives of students at the studio. Obviously I didn't get my blurb prepared and submitted in time to be included in the story but the idea has stuck with me and I wanted to explore it a little.

I took my first official dance lesson in October of 2005. Prior to that I've never thought of myself as a dancer in any way. Sure, I've had moments over the years where I had a fun time dancing but it usually was in a very casual setting and involved a drink or two to loosen up the inhibitions. Since the first less about a year ago I've been to a salsa congress in Chicago, participated in a salsa performance team and learned to dance a number of different styles. All kind of amazing to me when I think back on it.

Its amazing because prior to this last year I held a deep belief that I'm not someone that knows how to do things like dance. It's just never been part of my self image before and I had zero confidence in that area. Now that I'm dancing it's kind of addictive to keep building my confidence. That confidence then carries over to other parts of my life. Similar to the way Richard Florida says that to support creativity in our professional lives we must invest “in creative the arts, culture, and all forms of innovation and creativity.” Exploring dance as a form of creativity in my life allows me to tap into creative energy in other parts of my life which feels like a priceless gift and helps to explain the addiction.

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