Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This blog has gotten a bit of rust on it from lack of attention. This isn’t representative of lack of things that I wanted to note; rather it’s a sign of how busy I’ve been the last 12 months.

I recently decided to leave my place of employment and turn my career attention down a different path. I’ve been with my last company for a bit less than 6 years and during that time I’ve had the fortune to work on many different projects and be exposed to a ton of great people and ideas. My job title, Technical Architect, suggested that I was primarily focused on technology and the tech aspects of solutions. Although this was true from an implementation perspective the part of my job that was most interesting to me and that I enjoyed the most brought me into the point of overlap between technology, design and business. It this capacity I was working to bring the three together to create complete solutions to business problems or opportunities. I’ve created this little diagram to articulate the relationship between these three elements.

The sweet spot for solutions is in the middle and that’s where my time and energy was most focused. I’ll write another post expanding on this concept in the future.

My plans for the future are to get involved in the development of renewable energy (wind, solar, etc). The energy challenges that our country and world face have been on my radar for a while and over the last few months my interest in working on those challenges has grown rapidly. My specific interest is in utilizing information technology to facilitate the development, competitiveness and adoption of renewable energy sources and energy conservation opportunities. I'm also expecting to do a deep dive into some specific area such as solar or wind.

I don’t know what the future will bring but I’ve starting down a path that genuinely engages my energy, enthusiasm and imagination.

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