Saturday, December 04, 2004

General Comments on art/music/movie reviews

I have to say that I hate the way reviews are written - I mean the style of the language in a review rather than the content. Every reviewer - positive or negative - about any piece of work, music, visual art, film, etc, seems to use language that makes it sound like their opinion is the right one and that they know something "special" that we don't know which makes them right. This pisses me off.

I wish the writers would use language that would express that this is simply their opinion and is not any more or less valid than anyone else's. The only person that has a more "valid" opinion is the artist.

I'm extremely fascinated to find out what people like or don't like about about an album like U2's latest. But I'm more interested in personal responses rather than grand statements about the place of an album in Rock and roll history or even U2's history.

Here are two reviews that for me get into the style that I don't like.

Courageous Crooners - U2 Dismantle[s] an Atomic Bomb

Review: U2's 'Bomb' fails to explode

Do other people like this style of writing/reviewing or does this irritate you?

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